National Title Program

Lincoln Abstract & Settlement Services

National Title Program

Lincoln Abstract & Settlement Services is a national agent providing title products in 50 states. We understand that time is of the essence and can provide title products within 48 hours. We realize that in certain instances information is required immediately. In these instances, we will work with you and do our best to meet your needs.


  1. Centralized Order Placement and real-time status with 24/7 access.
  2. Accurate Closing Cost Calculator.
  3. Simplified and Discounted Title Fees available in most states.
  4. Automatic Reissue Rates provided where available.
  5. Streamlined Underwriting.
  6. Standardized Product Format.
  7. Proactive Curative Staff with the Experience and the know-how to expeditiously provide you with clear title.
  8. Fast Turnaround Time - average commitment delivery is less than 2 Business Days.
  9. Reduced Post-Closing follow-up with policy delivered within 30 days after disbursement.
  10. Electronic Commitment & Electronic Policy.


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