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"Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services is an exceptional organization. For the last 10 years their
work has always been done fast with a great attention to detail. We have the highest respect fortheir company."
- Philip Smith, Vice-President of RTN Federal Credit Union

Appraisal Value Reconciliation

At Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services we offer Nationwide Coverage in all corners of every state, we are fully FHA & Fannie Mae Compliant, and we offer one stop service - we can manage Appraisal, Title, and Closing needs.

Furthermore, we understand there is an immediate need to protect against fraud and inflated values. This is why we developed an industry-leading 3 Level Corporate Appraisal Management Quality Control Process, which is led by our highly experienced Chief Appraisers. This system allows you to remain certain the accuracy and quality of our work is unsurpassed throughout the valuation process.

The Chief Appraisers at Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services ensure the highest quality Appraisal Report in the industry today. The Chief Appraiser is the most qualified individual on our Corporate Appraisal Internal Review Teams (CAIRT) because all have more than 20+ years of industry experience. In addition, the Chief Appraiser, on behalf of the Corporate Appraisal Internal Review Team (CAIRT), handles all "Client Appraisal Reconsiderations" which currently equal less than 1.5% of Appraisal Reports performed by Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services.

All Appraisal Value Reconciliation engagements are led by a Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services Chief Appraiser. Our Chief Appraisers have wide backgrounds in lending, appraising, settlement services, and fraud detection. Many of the Chief Appraisers belong to numerous industry associations, have written articles, and have taught industry seminars. For example, most Chief Appraisers have taught seminars for underwriters, mortgage brokers, loan officers, etc. in order to demonstrate how to properly read and analyze an Appraisal Report.

We offer comprehensive and high-quality Real Estate Appraisal Value Reconciliation Services for all Residential & Commercial Property, and our Appraisal Value Reconciliation Report is as follows:

The Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services Appraisal Value Reconciliation Report (AVRR) is a solution to help lenders combat potential misrepresentation in the valuation of a property. Our licensed and certified appraisers review the original appraisal then obtain and analyze the various valuation documents provided, do appropriate research including reviewing the comps, speaking with the initial appraiser, and cross referencing the data against multiple property valuations (public and private) on the subject property. They then write a Narrative Report & Summary which may render an alternative value and include comparable sales data and appraisal methodology.

Key Benefits of the Value Reconciliation Report: