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Private Mortgage Insurers

Some of the nation's most highly regarded Private Mortgage Insurers rely on Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services for Real Estate Valuation services. They view Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services as the industry expert for all because we consistently provide fast, accurate nationwide valuations which allow them to make the most informed decisions.

At Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services we offer Nationwide Coverage in all corners of every state, we are fully FHA & Fannie Mae Compliant, and we offer one stop service — we can manage Appraisal, Title, and Closing needs for all Residential & Commercial property types.

A few of our Competitive Strategic Advantages are as follows:

Nationwide Appraisal Network 
At Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services we have an, experienced, and dedicated Nationwide Appraisal Network. In order to maintain the finest network of appraisers in the industry today we consistently attract and screen appraisers from around the country. If an applicant does not meet our high standards, their application will be rejected and not given future consideration. In addition, Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services utilizes an automated scoring system which evaluates and grades each appraisers overall work on a daily basis. An appraiser may be inactivated at any time if it is determined the appraiser fails to meet our strict standards and guidelines for any of the following: Quality, Accuracy, Speed, and Customer Service.

Appraisal Quality Assurance Teams 
At Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services all Appraisal Reports are initially run through automated Rules set as well as undergoing a complete analysis by a member of the appraisal Quality Assurance Team.  The Appraisal Quality Assurance Team is made up of licensed and certified appraisers. Lincoln Appraisal does not outsource any work.  The analyst confirm the Appraisal Report is in compliance including: all State/Federal regulations, USPAP regulations, Fannie Mae standards, and all client specific guidelines, as well as the high quality standards established by Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services.

Dedicated Client Service Teams
At Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services responsive and personalized client service is of the highest priority. Our Dedicated Client Service Teams spend time becoming extremely knowledgeable of your individual account including any specific requirements which you need to fit your organization's work product criteria. These Dedicated Client Service Teams offer you a Client Specific Customized Service Process which includes daily updates on all work. We understand each client is unique and should be served with this in mind.

Leading-Edge Advanced Technology
At Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services our proprietary software technology solution is 100% secure, stable and easy to use. It is a complete end- to-end solution which provides 24/7 real time access, easy order entry, comprehensive analytics including tracking and reporting tools, powerful customization features, and easy integration with other applications. Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services also offers comprehensive on-going training and software updates at NO COST to all our clients.



We invest in people, technology and infrastructure to make working with us as simple and efficient as possible.