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"I would recommend Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services to any institution looking to engage a
professional appraisal management firm. I have been ordering appraisals with them for our bank for about three years and I've found them to consistently deliver high quality work and excellent customer service."
- Director of Lending at Independence Bank

Featured Articles

At Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services, we want to spread the extensive knowledge and experience we have gained through the combined expertise of our well-educated staff members. Our leadership is often requested to write comprehensive articles from an expert point of view on current and relevant topics in the mortgage industry.

Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services has been featured in several of the industry's top publications, including the following:

  • National Mortgage News
  • Scotsman Guide
  • Secondary Marketing Executive
  • HousingWire Magazine
  • Mortgage Technology News

Check back regularly to see what the nation's leading Appraisal Management & Settlement Services company is writing about!

Scotsman Guide
  1. Does your Lender use the
    Right AMC?

    February 2010
  2. Leveraging GFEs
    June 2010
  3. The Time for E-Closings is Now
    August 2010
  4. Fraud Report Opens Door to
    Client Education

    September 2010
National Mortgage News
  1. Residential Appraisals:
    What’s the Big Rush?

    January 2011
  2. Items to Look for When
    Reviewing Appraisals

    May 2010
  3. Geographic Competency
    August 2010
  4. Appraising New Condos –
    What’s all the Fuss About

    September 2010
Secondary Marketing Executive
  1. FHA Independence Policy and
    FHA Appraisal Requirements

    May 2010
  2. The Good, The Bad And The Fuzzy:
    Where AVMs Score And Miss

    October 2010
American Banker
  1. Viewpoint: Home Appraisal's Communication Gap
    December 2010
Mortgage Technology News
  1. Tech and Appraisal Valuation
    October 2010
Housing Wire Magazine
  1. Appraisers Chafe at Growing Regulations
    January 2011
Mortgage Orb
  1. George Demopulos And The
    Challenges Facing Appraisers

    July 2010
Origination News
  1. What to Look for in an Appraisal
    November 2010
DS News