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By registering using this link, you will be directed to the ClearValue Appraiser Registry. By doing so, you will be considered for the LASS appraiser panel, and other clients will be able to locate you by using ClearValue's provider query tool should you wish for that information to be shared. ClearValue is a 3rd party registration site that will be collecting your information, which will subsequently be transferred into our new management system.

Some important items to keep in mind:

  • There is no charge for registering with ClearValue.
  • We will not be able to activate your profile in the new system unless all documents are provided and the   information is complete. The main vendor page in ClearValue will let you know if anything is missing.
  • When asked for your Company Name, be sure to put the name that should appear on your checks. So, if you are part of a company, be sure this name is the same as what your company is reporting to the IRS. If you are independent, this should be your name.
  • We require that a minimum of $300,000/$300,000 Errors and Omissions insurance is current for any appraiser active on our appraiser panel. This is the minimum required by LASS, and we cannot waive this, regardless of your state laws.
  • If you wish to bid on commercial jobs, please be sure to include "commercial" as one of the products you   provide. There is no need to enter fees for this product, as they are always by quote.
  • If you run into any technical problems while registering, please contact ClearValue directly at

If you are registering a company:

  • You will want each of your appraisers to be registered individually. We will use your Tax ID and company name to establish the corporate hierarchy in our management system.
  • When entering the contact information, be sure that it matches the email and phone number for the person who is responsible for receiving your orders and updating status. Your name will be connected with your license information pulled from ASC.
  • The address should be the appraiser's physical address, not that of your company. Order proximity will be calculated based on this information, and you will be unnecessarily limited if you use your company information here.

 Be sure to enter your entire coverage area and fees for all of the products you offer.  The system will not consider you for any products/areas you do not indicate in the registry.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Feel free to contact your Appraiser Management Specialist if you have any questions or concerns.