Industry-Leading Quality

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Industry-Leading Quality

The Quality Assurance Team at Lincoln Appraisal ensures prompt, accurate appraisals and valuations

Our Quality Assurance team is dedicated to ensuring quality, one-touch appraisal reports - decreasing underwriter kick-backs and reducing lender risk. Every appraisal report is subject to our quality assurance process, which is a complete check and balance system designed to ensure independent and supported valuations.

All appraisals are performed by an approved appraiser partner in accordance with client specific guidelines, USPAP Standards, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and/or FHA guidelines.

Led by our Chief Valuations Officer and Chief Appraiser, our onsite quality assurance team is comprised of licensed and/or certified appraisers with years of experience.



We invest in people, technology and infrastructure to make working with us as simple and efficient as possible.