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Lincoln Appraisal has built the industry’s premier Client Services Department

At Lincoln Appraisal, customer service is our top priority. All accounts are managed by our dedicated client service specialists, and each client is assigned to one of our experienced account managers. This means you have the benefit of partnering with a premier nationwide real estate valuation, appraisal management and settlement services company that appreciates the importance of personalized customer service.

Automated status updates provide timely solutions to manage your workflow. Our staff has been trained to respond quickly to questions and concerns, always providing reliable information. At Lincoln Appraisal, we appreciate the urgency that is synonymous with this industry and work hard to respond quickly and accurately to all issues.



"I would recommend Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services to any institution looking to engage a
professional appraisal management firm. I have been ordering appraisals with them for our bank for about three years and I've found them to consistently deliver high quality work and excellent customer service."
- Director of Lending at Independence Bank